What am I working on?



Her village laid to waste, fifteen-year old Rosa has nothing; no home, no family, no friends. Yet demon wolves hunt her, the king fears her and the fallen angel Satarial wants her destroyed. All for the sake of a book that has no words. Forced to flee she seeks refuge in the secret city of Haven where people still worship the mythical water god, Aleph. But will her thirst for revenge sabotage the efforts to save her newfound friends? Or will an ancient darkness consume both the world and her soul?




PARCHED is a young adult Christian fantasy novel and the first book in the Elements of Elohim trilogy.

6 thoughts on “What am I working on?

  1. michelle says:

    This sounds like a very intriguing book, and I can not wait to read it. You have a gift for making the words you write appear as a perfect scene in ones mind. Well done Karen!

  2. OceanWaves says:

    Hi Karen!
    This is OceanWaves14 from WOC. I didn’t know Parched was a Christian Fantasy! Pretty cool! The premise is really interesting! I’m working on a Christian Fantasy webcomic. : ) You can find most of the info here if you are interested!

    • Karen deBlieck says:

      Hey! I’m glad you like the premise of my book. It’s so nice to meet up with another Christian at Writeoncon! I will be following your webcomic as well. You are very talented. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!

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