Book Reviews

What will I be looking for?
– books for Young Adults (I will try pretty much anything)
– writing books (books on craft).
– books that make me think.
– although they don’t have to be Christian they should have a good message (no gratuitous sex, swearing, profanity, or celebration of an unholy lifestyle by the protagonist)
– self published books and recommendations welcome! Just drop me a line tracking (dot) truth (dot) kdb (at) gmail (dot) com.Review Key:

fivestars fivestars fivestars fivestars fivestars : You must drop what you are doing and purchase this book. Then you must consume every word neglecting the basic necessities of life! The words will sustain you!

fivestars fivestars fivestars fivestars : Really liked the book and will recommend it to my friends.

fivestars fivestars fivestars : A good read and definitely worth the time.

fivestars fivestars : Has some flaws in it but not horrible.

fivestars : Meh, sort of wished I had those wasted minutes back.

How will I be reviewing it?

For all fiction books I will be looking at Plot, Character, Christian Element and general impression. For all non-fiction books I will look at Plot/General Impression, Christian Element, and Conclusion. 

Know that these reviews are my own personal opinion. I strive to give an honest and fair evaluation of the books I read. At the end of the day though I am only one person of many. An assessment of the book is not meant as a personal attack on the author. I believe that as writer’s (no matter if you are published or not) we must continue to grow and improve.

I will be posting my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon (Canada and the States) and Facebook. 

I hope you find my reviews helpful!

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