Truths About Me


#1 Jesus Christ is  the Truth. (although anyone of any faith, ethnic background, etc. is welcome to come to the discussion as long as you are not bashing my number one truth).

#2 I am a writer of Young Adult Fiction of all types.

#3 I became a believer at seventeen despite growing up in a Christian home.

#4 I’m afraid of dead things. Anything. Dead. Have to call my husband to deal with it.

#5 I’m married to the perfect man (for me) and have 4 beautiful, book loving kids.

#6 I love good food as much as I love a good book.

#7 I’ve lived by train tracks all my life.

#8 I was born in Japan…give a moment to look at the picture…back down at the sentence…up…then down Yup! I promise it’s true!

#9 I wasn’t always a truth teller.

#10 I love hanging out and chatting with teens.

If you want to get in touch with me you can leave a comment on the blog.

Or check me out on Facebook:

Or send me an email at tracking (dot) truth (dot) kdb (at) gmail (dot) com **replace symbol for words in brackets**

5 thoughts on “Truths About Me

  1. Carolyn Weber says:

    Hey Karen! Love your site. You are hilarious, and wonderful. I look forward to meeting you at Write Canada this year in June, as we’ll both be teaching. I’d heard great things about you, and am excited to meet more faith filled authors having moved back up here (I’d also like to talk with you about parenting 4 kids, and homeschooling? I have 4 wee ones myself right now, and need the advice!). Blessings! Carolyn Weber

    • Karen deBlieck says:

      Aw, Carolyn, thank you for blessing my day in such a wonderful way!! I am looking forward to teaching alongside you at Write Canada this year. Looks like a great bunch of classes and topics!

      LOL! More than happy to chat about kid stuff. At one point in time I had four under five…I can’t even remember those days…it is a blur! I must say that I love your writing. I had the privilage of visiting Oxford a couple of years ago…what a zoo!! The streets were filled with people (early summer). But I did get to enjoy a pint in The Bird and The Baby (one of my lifelong dreams!). Feel free to email me any time. I’m sure we’ll get a chance to chat at the conference. Blessings on you and your family. Karen

  2. Ramona Furst says:


    I’m keeping you in prayer as you prepare for Write! How can I best pray for you? Oh, the other thing is I’d like to make sure I have your correct address. I’ve been known to get in touch with people the old fashioned way (:

    Ramona Furst,

    Assistant Prayer Team Lead

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