About Me


Karen deBlieck’s writing reflects the tension of identity and the sense of belonging she struggled with as a black American born in Japan and adopted by white Canadian missionaries. From a very young age she found solace in putting her thoughts and feelings down on the page. Writing in poem, short story and novel form her pieces are emotionally and conflict charged.

She was a finalist in The Word Guild’s Fresh Ink Contest (Canada, 2011), ACFW’s First Impressions Contest (2013), and The Reading Rooms Aspiring Writers Contest (2014). She was also privileged to be chosen for a mentorship with Chila Woychik from Port Yonder Press in 2012. Her short story, “Talking Drum,” was published in The Story – 2014 Anthology, which is currently out of print. In December 2016, she won a full scholarship to the Mount Hermon conference in California. She is a member of The Word Guild (Canada), ACFW, and SCBWI. Her writing reflects the tensions of racial identity and belonging that she struggled with as a black teen adopted by a white family.

Karen taught high school English before she had kids. As she homeschooled her children she also taught English and Creative Writing to teens. She’s also had the privilege of teaching at Canada’s leading Christian writer’s conference, Write Canada. For three years she worked for the Word Guild (similar to ACFW in the States) organizing the Word Awards and networking with authors across the country.

She dreams of travelling through space and time, being sorted into a Hogwart’s house and finding her way to Neverland. When she’s not writing or cooking for her hubby and four kids she enjoys teaching teens about life and words.

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