Truth #8: Rules = Love


I snuck up the stairs,
careful to avoid the third step which was squeaky.
Closing my bedroom door behind me,
I glanced at my alarm clock: 3:00 am.
On a school night…

I don’t know why I bothered being careful.

My parents loved me,
and I know that.
But there were no rules in my house when I was a young teen.


Must have been nice!
You say.

Actually, it wasn’t.

It was if my parents didn’t care,
who I was with,
what I was doing,
if I came home.

It left me feeling adrift and alone in a hostile world.

Despite the irritation you feel when your parents,
check up on you,
insist on meeting your friends,
give you a curfew,
know this:

Their rules are a way of showing their love.

The rules are there because they don’t want you to get hurt.
If they didn’t care then it wouldn’t matter when or if you came home each night.

Just look at the way God treats us, His children.

Even those who don’t believe in Him know it is wrong,
if we didn’t obey this the whole fabric of society would fall apart.
And every Christian should obey it because it is one of God’s Laws.

But it’s so, so much more…

My child, when you steal from others you are treating them like nameless things,
not like an image bearer of God.
Each item taken hardens your heart against your neighbour.
Come to Me.
Heed My commands.
Trust Me.
Let Me Protect you.

So, the next time you are tempted to roll your eyes at your parent’s “silly rules”,
try putting, “I love you and that’s why…” before it.

You’ll be surprised at your change of heart.

My friend, can you think of a rule that may have kept you (or your heart) safe? Or perhaps a time that you disobeyed and regretted the decision? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Truth #8: Rules = Love”

  1. The rule for my protection that I didn’t break was saving myself for marriage. I am so thankful that I don’t carry around the multitude of physical and emotional consequences of disobedience.

  2. We had rules about what kind of music we could listen to (Christian or Oldies), what kind of movies we could watch (nothing R rated or too scary), how we could dress. But I appreciated it then and now. Garbage in, garbage out.

    1. You were truly blessed to see how those rules protected you when you were younger. Some people see restriction as a bad thing but there are just some things we are not suppose to do or see. God was very clear about that. Thanks for sharing sparksofember. 🙂

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