Truth #5: Your Dreams are Small


Your parents did it.
Perhaps your father placed a hand on your mother’s belly,
and dreamed of your cherub face.

Or perhaps they prayed over your picture,
waiting for all the paperwork to clear,
so they could finally bring you home.

They dreamed…
of doctors, lawyers, missionaries, world changers.

And you have too…
– of finding the perfect soulmate to spend the rest of your life with
– of being a concert pianist
– teaching a room full of eager students
– spreading the Word in Africa

But what about when your dreams are destroyed?

I don’t mean postponed.
I don’t mean the door is closed.

It’s as if the door was never there to begin with.

Then you have to remember:

Your dreams are small.
God’s plans are bigger.

You may not know the how, when, or why.
But God’s plans for you are so great.

…even I don’t have words for them…

So when your dreams are gone,
and you feel lost and alone.
Thank God for the plans He has for you!

When has God gotten rid of your dreams in order to give you His plan? Share in the comment section. I’d love to hear. 🙂

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