TRUTH #3: Lies are poisonous


Satan is the Father of lies,
and we, my friends, are trying to be more like Christ.
When we lie we are imitating the devil…
yeah, not so nice.

So God is protecting us,
from the poison of lies.

But what are these little “untruths” doing to us?

1) Lies harden our heart.
A lie is like any other sin.
Every time you say “It’s only a little white lie.”
you are turning your back on God.
The truth becomes something foreign.

Every lie we speak makes it easier to speak another.
It hardens our heart so we can’t hear God.

2) Lies ruin our relationship with others.
Others always get hurt when we attempt to protect ourselves-
wrapping ourselves in a cocoon of lies.
Sometimes it’s directly,
as the lie comes boomeranging back cutting a wide swath and clattering at your feet.

But even when others do not sniff out your lies,
you are hurting others.
When truth doesn’t rule in your life,
lies put a barrier between you and those you love.

Others cannot get close to you.

3) Lies harm us.
Lies make us anxious.
We don’t trust others because we project ourselves on others.
They can make us physically sick-
twisted stomachs, loss of sleep, and anxiety attacks.

God doesn’t want out lives tainted by lies.
He wants to be a Father to us,
and that is hard if we are hanging out with the Father of lies all the time.

Share with me a time when the truth set you free.

The next series we will be looking at is titled “The Truth Beyond the Bird and the Bees.”
We will be discussing why waiting until marriage (and what that means) is part of God’s plan.
Don’t worry there will be no gritty details but tons of thought provoking conversations. 🙂

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