TRUTH #1: I’m Old(er)


I can hear you snickering…
You’ve probably only seen computers like this one in a textbook on the internet.
These were part of my childhood.

It’s not polite to laugh at your elders!

I am old.
Not, “I am unable to text” old.
But old enough to remember things that would seem historical to you.
Or something your parents reminisce about.

But let me tell you,
Older doesn’t mean I don’t remember what being a teen was all about.

They were some of the best and worst years of my life.
And despite the lack of an mp3 player, Netflix, or cyber bullying
there were still core things that I struggled with:

– loneliness

– fear

– acceptance

And those things, my friend, I know all about.
Those feelings are still very real to me.

So please, don’t call me old(er).
Call me wise.

And join me to discuss the Truth (as I see it) every Tuesday.

Name the oldest device you have ever used. And I will tell you how old I was when I used it. 😉

2 thoughts on “TRUTH #1: I’m Old(er)”

  1. I used to play on an Atari. We had the original game system, with pong, I think? It was a game with a ball that bounced back and forth on the screen, and you used a dial to control your paddle up and down to return the ball to your opponent. I was really little when we had it, so I am not sure how accurate my description. We also had a Commodore 64 and lots of games from friends on our floppy discs that we played regularly. I still remember the commercial jingle for it, I adore my 64, my Commodore 64.

    1. Awesome!
      Atari we had and I remember pong. I think I was about 8.
      As for the Commodore 64, that was the only family computer until I was like 15.
      And not because there weren’t other computers around.
      My father had all his writing on floppy disks and was scared of losing them. 🙂
      Great memories!

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