Book Review: How Shall We Love?


How Shall We Love? by Precarious Yates

Back Cover Copy:
I’m what you’d call a hyper-intellectual. I love to learn more than most kids love
to play.Then the divorce messes everything up. 
In spite of my parents, I get my philosophy about love from a grungy and homeless businessman. 
A famous nun gives me life-altering advice about how to practice this love. 
And what about all these feelings I have for the skater punk down the street? Why won’t this amazing looking guy date? 
An ever fracturing relationship with Shepherd, my father, may put an end to all my visits with Reuel. 
And if Reuel learns the truth about my dad, he’ll stop hanging out with me for sure. 
How will I ever live my philosophy if I have this many secrets? 
In the midst of life’s mess, how shall we love?


The plot of this novel was rich and kept me engrossed. Precarious Yates told a masterful tale in a time of need that touches on how we as Christians should love the world. Truly a story that makes you think about how you are loving your neighbours. I felt the ending was a little rushed but it did what it set out to do.

The characters are what make this book wonderful and very special. Yates does a great job of making each person unique in speech and action. I loved Cornelia’s voice and I cared for each persons plight.

Christian Element:

This work is the tale of a super intelligent girl who weaves God into her worldview despite her professor fathers attempt to keep far away from him. Yates does a superb job of following this girl who finds God as real as the air she breathes. To Cornelia there can be no other truth.


I really enjoyed this book. It explored, in a non preachy way, how a Christian should truly love in this world full of sin–an excellent much needed message. I would recommend this book to both Christians and non-Christians alike. Know that it grapples with tough issues but it sticks to Biblical truth as its foundation. It also has some gritty issues in it but the author does a great job of showing these issues without dwelling on them. The only things that I noticed were a few nit picky editing issues and smaller things that drew me out of the work  but I believe that is only because I am a writer in the midst of editing. LOL.

I give this book

Image  Image  Image  Image  out of five (check my book review page to find out what that means).

If you want to find out more about this book or others written by Precarious Yates you can check out her blog here. You can purchase the book for Kindle (or if you don’t have one you can read it on your computer with a free app) in either Canada or both book format or Kindle in the States.

TRUTH #2: It’s not easy being truthful (or green).


It Ain’t Easy Being Green – Glee

“You’re sure this bracelet is yours?”
I nodded my thirteen year old head and stared my teacher in the eyes.
Mrs. Rabbit* put one hand on her hip and shook the other hand so the sparkly charms swayed  in front of my face.
“Yet Shelley was wearing one just like this this morning…”
I nodded my head but this time a little less vehemently.

You see…the bracelet wasn’t mine.
I found it on the floor of the bathroom.
But I wanted it to be mine.

In this case, I coveted the item and that’s why I lied.

Being truthful is not easy.
We lie to protect ourselves and others.
We lie because we want more or we want to do less.
We lie because we covet what others have.
We lie because we are afraid of the consequences for our poor decisions.

So what?
Everyone does it.
No big deal.

The media does it.
So do our politicians.
Sometimes it seems better for a boyfriend to tell his girlfriend a lie instead of the truth.

This world is full of half lies and broken hearts.
No wonder it is so hard to find some truth.

But that’s what I hope to do.
Join me next week when we look at what lies do to us.

Can you think of your very first “untruth”? Were you caught? Join in the conversation and share with me.

*The names of the innocent were changed to protect their identity.

TRUTH #1: I’m Old(er)


I can hear you snickering…
You’ve probably only seen computers like this one in a textbook on the internet.
These were part of my childhood.

It’s not polite to laugh at your elders!

I am old.
Not, “I am unable to text” old.
But old enough to remember things that would seem historical to you.
Or something your parents reminisce about.

But let me tell you,
Older doesn’t mean I don’t remember what being a teen was all about.

They were some of the best and worst years of my life.
And despite the lack of an mp3 player, Netflix, or cyber bullying
there were still core things that I struggled with:

– loneliness

– fear

– acceptance

And those things, my friend, I know all about.
Those feelings are still very real to me.

So please, don’t call me old(er).
Call me wise.

And join me to discuss the Truth (as I see it) every Tuesday.

Name the oldest device you have ever used. And I will tell you how old I was when I used it. 😉