Truths About Me


#1 Jesus Christ is  the Truth. (although anyone of any faith, ethnic background, etc. is welcome to come to the discussion as long as you are not bashing my number one truth).

#2 I am a writer of Young Adult Fiction of all types.

#3 I became a believer at seventeen despite growing up in a Christian home.

#4 I’m afraid of dead things. Anything. Dead. Have to call my husband to deal with it.

#5 I’m married to the perfect man (for me) and have 4 beautiful, book loving kids.

#6 I love good food as much as I love a good book.

#7 I’ve lived by train tracks all my life.

#8 I was born in Japan…give a moment to look at the picture…back down at the sentence…up…then down Yup! I promise it’s true!

#9 I wasn’t always a truth teller.

#10 I love hanging out and chatting with teens.

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